Support Hives was started with just one goal in mind - to become a one-stop shop for all your server management, outsourced web hosting support and online presence

Quality and affordability are difficult factors to achieve together, but we wanted to dispel this myth. Your Support Hive will always strive to go that extra mile no matter what the timezone in their respective geography.

We hire local and remote talent across the world to transpass great service across timezones and provide the best in technical support to your customers. Ticketing, emails, live-chat, phone support, alert monitoring, server sitting - you name it, you got it.

We've also experienced a few loyal enterprise customers in the past and plan to only grow that further. In keeping, we've introduced something we call the pay-as-you-go model where a flat, discounted rate applies to enterprise clients above a certain volume. What's more, we throw in a few add-ons to the offering too.

Want us to add something in the offering, let's discuss. Need us to hire an employee with another skillset, let us know. We're all about customer delight and we believe in bettering our service on the fly, so don't hesitate. 

Support Hives provide technical support services for Linux and windows Servers 24x7, independent of the control panel being used. Support Hives is an Outsourced Hosting Support provider. We provide outsourced hosting support and specialize in hosting support for Linux & Windows Web Hosting companies that require Helpdesk Support, Telephone Support Services or want to Outsource Chat Support. 

So go ahead, take a look at our plans and pricing. Compare, deliberate, discuss. We'd love to buzz you into the warm colony of bees harvesting sweet support honey, that is Support Hives!